1. Strictly No Gimmies (Everyone putt out)

2. No Picking Ball up to check its yours and place back tee'd up.

3. No nudging the ball with your foot to get a better angle around a tree.

4.  No stamping behind the ball when in the rough

5. If winter rules - clean & place - fairway only unless otherwise stated before tee off.

6. No hacking at rough, trees & branches to improve your shot.

Anybody caught cheating will get a Hole DQ or Match DQ

You are playing in a competition for money against them. If you see anyone doing any of the above please penalise them accordingly with a 2 shot penalty and make the Handicap Master Iain Love aware afterwards. No arguments.

See the cheating caught on camera below. Diddy Dave at Kington picking his ball up and placing it back in the rough. NO EXCUSE. Diddy is now DQd for the Tenerife tour.

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